About us

C K Israni Foundation is a non-profit organization run by Dr. Karan Israni. He laid the foundation of the organization at a age of 35. He has done his schooling from The Mayo College in India and then went on to study medicine in Mauritius. Before the inception of C K Israni foundation, Dr. Karan has practiced at The St Stephen's Hospital in Delhi for a year.

Dr. Karan’s C K Israni Foundation involves in various activities like Pro bono mobile clinics, medical health camps, child education initiatives. It also supports several charities and is a patron of Indian art and crafts.

Our commitment to society goes beyond basic helping hand. We, at CK Israni Foundation, work consistently to enrich the quality of life of the community and preserve ecological balance and heritage through a strong environmental conscience. we have been working relentlessly and making meaningful changes in the life of people with effective and useful initiatives like

  • Free mobile clinics
  • Medical and health camps
  • Education developments and scholarships
  • Arts & culture by supporting young artists
  • Supporting major charities in india

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce maternal and child mortality in resource-poor communities in India. We implement replicable programs that improve access to quality primary care while increasing the capacity of and participation in local health systems.

Our Vision

We envision a world where health systems can meet the basic needs of the poor and eliminate preventable death, effectively treat disease, and enhance self-efficacy and dignity for mothers and children.

Our Values

  • We work to overcome barriers in the workplace, in the field, and in the cultural and political landscapes, achieving success through unremitting dedication.
  • We invest in local resource development, particularly among our staff and field workers.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for measurable results, including financial performance.
  • We leverage innovation, addressing existing causes of poor health through new frameworks.
  • We empower the poor, particularly women, as a catalyst and complement for lasting change.

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